DREAM XXI N: Sequential gas injection system
DREAM XXI N is the latest gas injection system designed and developed by OMVL.
It can be installed on all fuel injected vehicles powered by LPG or CNG. The system is fully homologated in compliance with the latest safety standards for gas fuel system (67R01 and R110) and keeps emissions well within the limits established by the strictest standards (EURO4).

DREAM XXI N- M/G Reducer/Vaporiser

DREAM XXI N is an advanced injection system, designed for use with the latest petrol driven cars.
Gas is injectied into the intake manifold ducts in the right sequence and at the right time.
The pressure stability of the regulator together with sophisticated electronic carburation control, guarantees a fast response of the system to quick power demands, and a smooth acceleration from “cut-off” phase. DREAM XXI N also optimises consumption and performance.

Injection Unit ECU Electronic Control Unit

DREAM XXI N ensures excellent vehicle performances when running with gas, without affecting in any way car performances with petrol. DREAM XXI N’s electronic control unit integrates perfectly with original car’s ECU, leaving original engine set-up parameters unchanged. This allows a switch back to petrol at any time without loss of performance.

You can download a pdf data sheet (761K) here. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat reader to view.

Below are some photos of LPG conversions. The photos on the top are examples of 'how not to do it'. On the bottom, some examples of our work.

How not to do it no.1
How not to do it no.2
Our Zetec installation no. 1
Our Zetec installation no. 1